Crisis Recovery Specialist - Prescott

The Crisis Response Specialist under professional supervision accepts direct calls from Community Response Network (CRN), law enforcement, first responders and supervisors for prompt community response on a flexible schedule that may include providing client transport to medically necessary services and well checks.   The Crisis Response Specialist must be qualified as a BHT and credentialed/trained in performing crisis assessments, crisis intervention and ASAM's when warranted.  Crisis Response Specialist  is  able to perform  crisis assessments in the community and ED, has strong verbal and written clinical skills, is able to staff cases for inpatient and safe plans with BHMP's and supervisors.  Able to work closely with law enforcement, first responders, persons receiving crisis services and their supports under stressful situations at all hours in a professional and calm manor.  Crisis Response Specialist is able to write Title 36 applications, has broad knowledge of A.R.S., area resources, funding streams and insurances to either place clients in community with supports, in network or other hospitals according to the level of care needed. 


A BHT at Spectrum Healthcare is: a. An individual who has a minimum of a high school diploma and at least 2 years of behavioral health experience (may be combined educational and work experience). OR, b. An individual with a bachelor's degree (any) and at least 1 year experience in behavioral health. OR, c. An individual with a bachelor's degree in a human services related field. OR, d. An individual with a master's degree in a human services related field and is not licensed.